Scotland’s West Highland Way Trek Day 4: Inverarnan to Tyndrum: 12.5 miles

DSC02105.JPGToday’s trail was far different than yesterday’s slow maneuvering trail.  Soon after leaving Inverarnan, the gently rolling path took us along the picturesque, fast flowing River Falloch.  We lucked out again with the weather – no rain and bright clouds and blue sky, with the sun making a showing every now and then!  Perfect hiking weather!

The trail took us past a charming Scottish home,

DSC02127.JPGand provided mostly wide open sweeping views, with just a few areas of tree coverage.

Today’s paths however smooth, did have a few obstacles, most were of the man-made type, taking us under a railroad track, under a highway, and over farmer’s property lines.   And it wouldn’t be a complete day on the West Highland Way without patches of mud to navigate…

Along the WHW, locals put out what are called honesty boxes in hopes of making a few Great Britain Pounds.  They are filled with drinks, candy bars, healthier bars and a place to put money for the treats.  When the gang starts diving in the honesty box’s, you know you had better stop for lunch soon!

Shortly after, a sign appeared, not one from above, (even though it looks that way in the photo), but one that let us know we were not only halfway through the days hike, but the entire hike.   Definitely another sign to break for lunch!  We had decided earlier in the day to bypass Crianlarich, a town .5 miles off the trail, as adding another mile to the day wasn’t too appealing 🙂  Some trekkers choose to add the extra mileage to eat in town.  We sat on rocks and dry grass and had a lovely picnic right by our sign.

DSC02197.JPGAfter lunch, it was time to climb.  It’s not always the best idea to eat and then participate in vigorous exercise, but we had places to go, so we pushed right through.  And, with our Canadian teammate leading the way we had no worries!

DSC02199.JPGHigher and higher we climbed…DSC02201.JPGUntil we found a place to stop, so we could stretch…DSC02202.JPGand another place to stop, so we could sit…  DSC02222We had no egos holding us back from a nice resting spot, and of course an opportunity for another team photo under the lovely arched bridge!

The rest of the day’s walk was lovely and mostly flat with a few undulating hills, and the best scenery at our backs.   Always a good idea to stop and look behind you from time to time on treks…DSC02233.JPGHowever looking ahead wasn’t all that bad either aside from dark clouds rolling in…DSC02230.JPGWe finally made it to our place of stay, 12.5 miles of walking completed!  We managed to make it without a drop of rain.  However, it poured right before dinner when we needed to walk into town from our B&B to the pub.  We did get a bit wet, but the drinks, great food, and people at the pub made up for the wet clothes!

Next up… Tyndrum to Inveroran: 9 mile day

Until then,

Keep on Trekking!

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