Peru Group Trekking Adventure 2016

Cusco city Plaza
Can’t wait to explore Cuzco!

Trip Itinerary for Crooked Trails and Transformational Journeys Peru trekking adventure:

Day 1: Fly from Seattle to Lima, arrive late!

Day 2: Early morning flight from Lima to Cuzco, drink coca tea, acclimate, explore Cuzco.

Day 3: Explore Cuzco.

Day 4: Drive to Cachora and prepare for our seven day trek!

Day 5: First day of our Choquequirao and Machu Picchu trek, Cachora to Santa Rosa.

Day 6: Second day of our trek, Santa Rosa to Choquequirao.  Walk through the ruins of Choquequirao, spotting condors along the way!

Day 7: Third day of our trek, explore Choquequirao in the morning, then trek on to Maizal.

Day 8: Fourth day of our trek, Maizal to Yanama.

Day 9: Fifth day of our trek, Yanama to Collpapampa where we climb to 15,000ft above sea level, our highest day on the trail and our last night of camping.

Day 10: Sixth day of our trek, Collpapampa to Aguas Calientes, the town just below Machu Picchu.

Day 11: Seventh day of our trek is spent exploring Machu Picchu and climbing up Wuyanu Picchu.

Day 12: Spa Retreat day!  Time to relax and explore Ollantaytambo.

Day 13: Visit the Chinchero weavers community and in the evening head back to Cuzco.

Day 14: Enjoy shopping time in Cuzco before our flight back to Lima.  In the evening enjoy Lima’s nightlife while waiting for our 2AM flight to take us home!

Stay tuned for blog post updates during our adventure!